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WTP Gerrit Access

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WTP source code is managed by the Eclipse Git repositories. This page contains information on how to access the WTP repositories via EGit. It also may help to set up the access to the WTP repositories even if EGit is not used.

Please refer to the WTP_Git_Workflows WTP Git Workflows for more detailed instructions on WTP development procedure.

Generate the SSH2 authentication key

  1. Open the General > Network Connections > SSH2 preference page SSH2 General.PNG
  2. Check the SSH2 home directory on the General tab to see if there is already an existing key.
    1. If yes, you can continue to next step to upload the key to the Git host.
    2. If not yet, switch to the Key Management tab and click the button Generate RSA Key... to generate one.SSH2 KeyManagement.PNG
  3. Put in a passphrase in the field Passphrase and save it properly for future reference.
  4. Click Save Private Key... button to save the private key to the SSH2 home directory.
  5. Copy the public key displayed in the dialog to upload it to the host as instructed below.

You can also generate SSH key pair on command line

Upload the SSH2 public key

  1. Log on to Eclipse Git repository with your Eclipse id
  2. Click the Add Key... button to open the dialog
  3. Paste the public key copied from the Eclipse preferences page to the public key area
  4. Click the Add button to close the dialog

Clone a repository for development

After enabling Gerrit for WTP Git repositories, the existing access URLs, for instance ssh://, become ready only. A new URL, ssh:// is created for push the change set. Please use the following URLs to access the repositories to push the change set.

  1. ssh://
  2. ssh://
  3. ssh://
  4. ssh://
  5. ssh://
  6. ssh://
  7. ssh://
  8. ssh://
  9. ssh://
  10. ssh://
  11. ssh://
  12. ssh://
  13. ssh://
  14. ssh://
  15. ssh://
  16. ssh://
  17. ssh://
  18. ssh://
  19. ssh://
  20. ssh://
  21. ssh://
  22. ssh://
  23. ssh://
  24. ssh://
  25. ssh://
  26. ssh://
  27. ssh://

Please refer to the WTP_Git_Workflows WTP Git Workflows for more detailed instructions on how to clone a repository.


For background reading on Git and Gerrit, see Git#Resources and Gerrit.

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