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WTP Functional Test R30 RC

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Web Tools 3.0 Release Candidate Functional Tests -- May 14, 2008


Teams: We have entered the release candidate test weeks for the WTP 3.0. Please add a link or a brief descriptions of your test plans. We want to ensure all teams update this information and execute their test plans before we declare the WTP 3.0.

  • Reqiurements
Please use the J2EE developer, all-in-one-package to run your RC tests
Please ensure testcases coverage include different appserver, dbs
Please also list out the platforms for RC testing, these should include at mininum Linux and Windows

Test Matrix

May 14, 2008
Component(s) Platform(s) Functional Coverage Appserver Database Results
Java EE Questionmark.gif
JSF Questionmark.gif
JPA Win XP Verify RC bugs

Smoke tests, Adhoc testing, QA group testing

Apache Tomcat, Oracle Application Server Derby, Oracle, DB2 Questionmark.gif
Server Windows XP SP2 Verify bug fixes

Server Tools Smoke Test, Ad Hoc testing

Apache Tomcat 6.0 and 5.5 Questionmark.gif
Web Services Windows XP SP2  !Verify Web services bug fixes, Web services smoke test & adhoc testing. Apache Tomcat 6.0, 5.5 and 5.0 Questionmark.gif
WSDL Questionmark.gif

OSX 10.4.11/PPC

RHEL Server 5.1/x86-32

Verify fixed SSE bugs

SSE Smoke Test Scenario & adhoc testing

Apache Tomcat

(versions t.b.d.)

XSD Questionmark.gif
JSDT Questionmark.gif

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