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WTP Functional Test R30 M3

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Web Tools 3.0 M3 Functional Tests -- November 09, 2007


Teams: We have entered the final test week for the WTP 3.0 M3 milestone. Please add a link or a brief descriptions of your test plans. We want to ensure all teams update this information and execute their test plans before we declare the WTP 3.0 M3 milestone build. This does not have to be anything extravagant, but we need to know some testing is done.

Test Matrix

November 09, 2007
Component Platform(s) Functional Coverage Results
Java EE Win32 verify Java EE bugs fixed in WTP 3.0 M3

J2EE Smoke Test (WTP 2.0) & adhoc testing

Fail.gif (KR)

Critical: 207580 (Platform bug)

Major: 209626

JSF WinXP JSF Tools Test Plans Fail.gif

Smoke test failed on wtp-S-3.0M3-20071113214930.zip, unable to create a Dynamic Web Project with JSF Facet.

Blocker: 209848

JPA WinXP JPA_Tools_Smoke_Test + adhoc testing + verify fixed bugs Checkmark.gif

Note the following issues:

209096 (WTP Common Bug - Regression) 209098 (WTP Common Bug - Regression)

207411 (JDT bug)

Server WindowsXP RHWS4 Runtime and Server Creation; Server Start/Stop/Restart actions; Server Start/Stop Timeouts; Server publishing; Server context menu shortcuts(F2:rename, F3:open editor,...) Questionmark.gif
Web Services Windows XP Ran Web services smoke test, verified Web services bugs fixed in WTP 3.0, tested service policy preference and adhoc testing. Checkmark.gif (ksc)
WSDL Win32 verify WSDL bugs fixed in WTP 3.0 M3

WSDL Smoke Test Scenarios & adhoc testing




RHEL 5.1

verify SSE bugs fixed in WTP 3.0 M3

SSE Smoke Test Scenario & adhoc testing



XSD Win32 verify XSD bugs fixed in WTP 3.0 M3

XSD Smoke Test Scenarios & adhoc testing



Non-regression bug found via adhoc testing: 209733

JSDT Questionmark.gif

verify JSDT bugs fixed in WTP 3.0 M3

JSDT Smoke Test Scenarios & adhoc testing



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