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WTP Component Scorecards


In order to provide a high level snapshot of the health of WTP components, scorecards with significant status information will be tracked for weekly, milestone, and release builds. This is not intended to be a stop ship list of requirements, but more to give an overall picture of the relative stability and quality of WTP across all components. The amount of benchmarks and level of scrutiny increases as you move from a weekly build to a release build.

Work in Progress

These are living checklists. Any contributor or committer are encouraged to share their opinions or add their own items as necessary.


  • Flip graph so components are along the horizontal, and scorecard items go down the vertical.
  • Somehow incorporate the size of the backlog and number of bugs opened against the applicable period.
  • For a release, ensure about.html and license.html files are present and up to date in each plug-in and feature respectively.

Scorecard Templates

WTP Weekly Scorecards

WTP Milestone Scorecards

WTP Release Scorecards

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