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WTP Compatibility Tests

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Web Tools Compatibility Test Information

WTP 1.5 <-> WTP 2.0 Background Information
  • WTP 1.5 -> WTP 2.0
  • Each team should create a test scenario to load projects or artifacts from WTP 1.5 and attempt to load, display, edit, and run them on a WTP 2.0 workspace. The links should be published here.
  • Possible coordinated compatibility JUnit which will run as part of the builds where each team can add 1.5 metadata or projects and methods to exercise their function on WTP 2.0. Java EE team has a current JUnit to be used as an example.
  • Workspace migration testing will mainly consist of a few workspaces with multiple types of content, settings, and a lot of views and perspectives open.
  • Questions remain about what exactly we need to test and we will have to gather feedback from each component team. Be wary of anything written out to settings or extension point changes.
  • WTP 2.0 -> WTP 1.5
  • We should support shared projects in a team environment where one user is on WTP 1.5 and one is on WTP 2.0, so we will need some backwards compatibility testing.

Compatibility Test Table
December 18, 2006
Component Platform(s) Compatibility Test Coverage
Data Tools
Java EE
Web Services

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