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== [[WTP_Build_Mechanics | Build Mechanics]] ==
:Background information on the plumbing behind the WTP builds.
== [[WTP_PMC_Defect_Review | PMC Defect Review]] ==
:End of cycle governance.
== [[WTP Patches for Release 2.0.2 | How To Create an Official Patch for WTP 2.0.x]] ==
:[[WTP Patches for Release 2.0.2 | What is an official patch?]]
:For older versions, see [[WTP Release 1.5.5 Patches]]
== [[WTP Adding JUnits | How To Get a JUnit Test Project Into Our Builds]] ==
:Get automatic testing for your project today!
== [[WTP Installation Quick Guide | A Quick Guide to Installing a WTP Build for Testing or as Development Target]] ==
:How can I start developing against WTP?
== Background and Further Reading References ==
:*[ WTP follows the basic process and recommendations for versioning as the base Eclipse platform.]
:*[ Very helpful guide to builds and automatic testing.]
:*[ step-by-step on how to do updates.]
:*[ We base our builds on the Eclipse platform's "basebuilder".]
:*[ While slightly out of date, see the WTP releng document attachment.]
:*[ Eclipse Help]
[[Category:WTP Build Related| ]]

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