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WTP Architecture Working Group

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WTP Architecture Working Group


  • Update our high level architecture document (Needs updating)
  • Make current with how things currently are (add, JSF, JPA, DTP, etc.)
  • Make current with how we want things to be (improved componentization, etc)
  • Make a Projects View
  • Make a Features View
  • Make recommendations that are important to release 3.0, such as
  • Can we install and/or enable proper capabilities for various install scenarios?
  • Should/can some plugins move to better components/features?
  • Work with project leads for the "bottoms up" perspective, and address what's realistic

Minutes 9/14


Konstantin, Nitin, Cameron, David W, Tim dB

Next meeting:

Date: Monday, September 24th
Time: 1pm EDT/10am PDT
Call-in Info: 1 866-245-5059 Passcode: 4203514

(will meet on following Mondays for several weeks)

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