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WTP 3.0.x Maintenance Schedule

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WTP 3.0.1 & 3.0.2


WTP 3.0.1 is the first WTP Ganymede maintenance offering, delivered in mid August.

WTP 3.0.2 is the coordinated fall Eclipse Ganymede maintenance offering. The WTP 3.0.2 deliverable will line up with all other Ganymede deliverables.

Schedule Details

We will have weekly I-builds, but only teams with significant change in a given week (either released, affected, or accumulated) need to smoke test. All teams will smoke test M & RC builds.

2.0.1 schedule (for reference):

Aug 03 M Build
Aug 17 M Build
Aug 31 M Build
Sept 07 RC1
Sept 14 RC2 (PMC approval 1 votes)
Sept 21 (if necessary, PMC approval 2 votes)
Sept 28 2.0.1 GA

3.0.1 schedule:

July 4 - M build
July 18 - M build
July 25 - RC1
All changes after July 25 require PMC approval (1 vote)
Aug 1 - RC2
All changes after Aug 1 require PMC approval (2 votes)
Aug 8 - RC3 & final build
Aug 15 - 3.0.1 GA

3.0.2 schedule:

Aug 22 -
Aug 29 - M build
Sept 5 - M build
All changes after Sept 5 require PMC approval (1 vote)
Sept 12 - RC1
All changes after Sept 12 require PMC approval (2 votes)
Sept 19 - RC2 & final build
Sept 25 - 3.0.2 GA


All WTP 3.0.x releases are service releases for critical defects, regressions, and adopter issues only. Specifically, there should be:

No UI changes
No NL (translation) changes
No API changes, or changes affecting adopter usage scans

All exceptions require PMC approval.

In general, we will avoid changing the interface or behaviour of any public method as per the WTP API Policy.

Bug Approval

All bugs must be approved by the project lead. Starting with RC1, bugs must also be approved by the normal PMC Approval Process.

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