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(Focus on Quality (Neil))
(Release Materials)
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* IP Log submitted on 5/18 (i.e., on time)  
* IP Log submitted on 5/18 (i.e., on time)  
* Release documentation ... ready for Project Leads ... work can be tracked in {{bug|346496}}. Needs to be completed Today!.
* [http://eclipse.org/webtools/releaseReviews/201106/WebTools3.3.odt Release doc] submitted (on time).
* Here is the latest [http://eclipse.org/webtools/releaseReviews/201106/WebTools3.3.odt Release doc]
==== Reminders for extra testing ====  
==== Reminders for extra testing ====  

Latest revision as of 14:03, 2 June 2011

WTP Development Status Meeting

Remember, any committer can add an agenda item. Typically, short announcements or news items go in the "Announcements" section at the beginning. Longer items or issues requiring discussion should go in the "Other business" section at end.

Announcements And Special Reports

WTP Calendar

(Weekly Google Calendar updated through June, 2011)

For Indigo/Helios overall dates, see a Simultaneous Release Calendar

Focus on Quality (Neil)

  • Focus Item:
  • Target to a specific release or "future" if planning to fix but not in the next release
  • Adjust severity as appropriate

WTP 3.2.5

  • Maintenance stream opened
  • No I Build this week

3.2.5 Schedule


3.2.5 Bug Review

Bugs targeted to 3.2.5

WTP 3.3.0

  • RC4 Build will be delayed... eclipse.org infrastructure woes.....
  • Smoketest scheduled tomorrow? - declare Monday?
  • Candidate build
  • latest build


RC4 06/02 (for delivery to Indigo+2 on 06/07) [Final build]
GA 06/22

Bug Review

Hotbugs [1]
Blocker and Critical
Open bugs targeted to WTP 3.3 please triage!
Open bugs targeted to the recent past
PMC Review/Approval Summary

Release Materials

  • IP Log submitted on 5/18 (i.e., on time)

Reminders for extra testing

  • Use 4.1 as base, of our Indigo deliverables

Other business

  • It's a good time to update tutorials


  1. Hotbug Policy

Also, see

Google Summer of Code and
Current 2011 Ideas
3.3 Rampdown plan
Standard Format Plans
WTP 3.2.x maintenance release plan
how/when to branch code?
IP Logs selector
WTP Helios retrospective.
See also the WTP Meeting Archive-Reference Page.