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WTP 2011-03-10

Revision as of 12:45, 10 March 2011 by David (Talk | contribs) (WTP 3.3.0)

WTP Development Status Meeting

Remember, any committer can add an agenda item. Typically, short announcements or news items go in the "Announcements" section at the beginning. Longer items or issues requiring discussion should go in the "Other business" section at end.

Announcements And Special Reports

  •  ? - Any other announcements

WTP Calendar

(Weekly Google Calendar updated through June, 2011)

For Indigo/Helios overall dates, see a Simultaneous Release Calendar

WTP 3.2.4

  • Ready to declare latest build (first M build declare)?
  • Details of ramp down and release to be discussed/decided in the weeks ahead. Approximately May
  • We assume our prereqs will remain unchanged from Helios SR2.
  • Bug Review
Hotbugs [1]
Blocker and Critical
Bugs targeted to 3.2.4
Bugs targeted to (Dali) 2.3.4

See "references" [2] for detailed explanation of what these dates mean.

WTP 3.3.0

  • Bug Review
Bugs targeted to 3.3 M6
Bugs targeted to (Dali) 3.0 M6


M6 03/10 (for delivery to Indigo+2 on 03/15)
M7 04/28 (for delivery to Indigo+2 on 05/03)
RC1 05/12 (for delivery to Indigo+2 on 05/17)
RC2 05/19 (for delivery to Indigo+2 on 05/24)
RC3 05/26 (for delivery to Indigo+2 on 05/31)
RC4 06/02 (for delivery to Indigo+2 on 06/07) [Final build]
GA 06/22

Other business

  • Reminder that we (or, many of us?) will be moving to daylight saving time soon, on 3/13.
  • Assuming/proposing there be no status meeting, in two weeks, 3/24, due to EclipseCon, but that we will still have declared builds as usual.
  • Build releng changes:
- Changed wtp4x (Eclipse 4.1) builds to run only once per day (if changes to source code). Since, it is essentially a "test".
- Hope to soon run unit tests with Eclipse 4.1 as well. Initial, local builds showed no new problems.
- turned off custom access rule handling in batch build bug 325066. This doubles number of access warnings, from 60K to 120K warnings. Either amount is unmanageable. Turning off saves a little time during build (20-30 minutes?). Feel free to discuss/dissent in {bug|325066}}.
- added a "fast fail" check, if serious errors detected in log, such as a problem doing a cvs checkout, or similar. One problem is that if there are no serious errors, it results in a lot of red "Result: 1" messages in build log notices. Will need to write our own ant task to overcome that (and other Ant limitations). Issues documented in bug 339166
  • Other ?


  1. Hotbug Policy
  2. Our plan dates are on 'Friday' of the week. But, we produce and test the build on Thursday of the week, and ideally declare on Thursday. The dates in the Google Web Tools group calendar are for 'Thursdays' since that's a calendar for committers. We give ourselves the buffer to Friday, as our "public" date, that others can pick up our build, just in case a regression is found on Thursday and we have to respin and retest. [Technically, some might say, we still have till the following Tuesday or Wednesday for some "Simultaneous Release" due dates ... but it's hard to do much in that window, without disrupting everyone ... so we'll not use that buffer, except for the worst emergencies.]

Also, see

Standard Format Plans

WTP 3.2.x maintenance release plan

how/when to branch code?


IP Logs selector

WTP Helios retrospective.

See also the WTP Meeting Archive-Reference Page.

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