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=== Announcements And Special Reports  ===
=== Announcements And Special Reports  ===
* Cool stuff <del>coming up</del>:
* Here is a set of [http://picasaweb.google.com/ddaavviidd.wwiilllliiaammss/RTPDemoCamp20101110?authkey=Gv1sRgCOTziZTh_5nifQ# pretty poor quality pictures] from the [http://wiki.eclipse.org/Eclipse_DemoCamps_November_2010/RTP RTP DemoCamp] ... I forgot my camera, so these are quick shots from my camera phone ... hopefully others got some better shots and will post eventually?
::[http://wiki.eclipse.org/Eclipse_DemoCamps_November_2010/RTP RTP DemoCamp]
* EclipseCon call for papers:  
* EclipseCon call for papers:  

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WTP Development Status Meeting


Project Leads

Note: feel free to correct any errors/omissions in above attendance record.

Remember, any committer can add an agenda item. Typically, short announcements or news items go in the "Announcements" section at the beginning. Longer items or issues requiring discussion should go in the "Other business" section at end.

Announcements And Special Reports

  • Here is a set of pretty poor quality pictures from the RTP DemoCamp ... I forgot my camera, so these are quick shots from my camera phone ... hopefully others got some better shots and will post eventually?
  • EclipseCon call for papers:
EclipseCon 2011

WTP Calendar

(Weekly Google Calendar updated through June, 2011)

For Indigo/Helios overall dates, see a Simultaneous Release Calendar

WTP 3.2.3

Hotbugs [1]
Blocker and Critical
Bugs targeted to 3.2.3
Bugs targeted to 2.3.3

3.2.3 schedule

11/19 Declared M-build
12/03 Declared M-build
12/17 Declared M-build
01/07 Declared M-build
01/14 Declared M-build [contributed to Helios SR2 RC1 +2 due on 01/19]
PMC +1 review from 01/14 to 01/28
01/21 Declared M-build
01/28 Declared M-build [contributed to Helios SR2 RC2 +2 due on 02/02]
PMC +2 review from 01/28 to 02/04
02/04 Declared M-build [contributed to Helios SR2 RC3 +2 due on 02/09]
PMC +3 review from 02/04 to 02/11
02/11 Final M-build [contributed to Helios SR2 RC4 +2 due on 02/16]
02/25 Official Release

See "references" [2] for detailed explanation of what these dates mean.

WTP 3.3.0


  • Project Leads: See subproject plan documents under standard-project-plans\indigo\
  • Tip while writing Planning document: be sure to use '&amp;' in place of merely '&' in URL queries
  • Initial Planning document by M2
  • Iterate/Review plans by M3
  • Final Plans by M4


  • improve Java EE 6 support
  • e4 (Eclipse 4.1) tolerance (no exploitation of non compatible function planned)
  • Objective is to work with both Platform 3.7 and 4.1 (with only one set of compiled code ... compiled against 3.7)
See briefest Eclipse 4.0 intro. One thing I forgot there, was a pointer to e4-dev mailing list ... that's were Eclipse 4.0 builds are currently discussed, announced (in addition to e4-only topics).

Other Candidate Themes?

Anyone interested in these? Resources available? Do they cross projects, or just enhancement to one or two?

  • Maven enablement support (at least make more friendly for maven users, if not direct support)
  • OSGi enterprise support
  • Any items from "top 10" list of problems to focus on. deadlocks? performance? modularity? api? test coverage?
  • ... ?


8/13 WTP M1

9/24 WTP M2

11/4 WTP M3

12/10 WTP M4

Other business

  • No status build next week? (US Holiday)
  • No declared M-build next week (as planned)
  • No declared I-build next week?


  1. Hotbug Policy
  2. Our plan dates are on 'Friday' of the week. But, we produce and test the build on Thursday of the week, and ideally declare on Thursday. The dates in the Google Web Tools group calendar are for 'Thursdays' since that's a calendar for committers. We give ourselves the buffer to Friday, as our "public" date, that others can pick up our build, just in case a regression is found on Thursday and we have to respin and retest. [Technically, some might say, we still have till the following Tuesday or Wednesday for some "Simultaneous Release" due dates ... but it's hard to do much in that window, without disrupting everyone ... so we'll not use that buffer, except for the worst emergencies.]

Also, see

WTP 3.2.x maintenance release plan

how/when to branch code?


IP Logs selector

WTP Helios retrospective.

See also the WTP Meeting Archive-Reference Page.