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::M4 and 3.2 Release Build 12/10
::M4 and 3.2 Release Build 12/10
::<del>M4/Release 12/18
::<del>M4/Release 12/18</del>
== WTP 3.3 ==  
== WTP 3.3 ==  

Latest revision as of 15:30, 10 August 2009


[edit] WTP Development Status Meeting

[edit] Attendees

Project Leads
Keith Y
Nitin Y
Kaloyan Y
Neil Y
David Y
Chris Y
Nick Y
Gabriel Y
Ian Y
Aidyl Y

Note: feel free to correct any errors/omissions in above attendance record.

[edit] Announcements And Special Reports

[edit] WTP Calendar

(Weekly Google Calendar updated through December)

For Galileo and Helios overall dates, see a Simultaneous Release Calendar

[edit] WTP 3.1.x

[edit] Current Build

No Build to declare this week ...

[edit] Schedule

See also the Galileo ramp down dates

8/14 M Build
8/28 M Build (PMC Review starts following this build)
9/04 M Build (added)
9/11 M Build Final Build
9/18 Final Build
(9/25 Galileo SR1)
Galileo SR2 2/26/10 (will be WTP 3.1.2) (last Friday of February)

[edit] Bugs

Targeted and fixed bugs for 3.1.1 or 2.2.1
Bugs still targeted to 3.1.0 or its release candidates

[edit] Galileo Maintenance Plan

See WTP_3.1.x_Maintenance for documentation of scope of maintenance and approvals required.

[edit] WTP 3.2

  • Planning (initial plans due on or before first Milestone)
See http://dev.eclipse.org/mhonarc/lists/wtp-dev/msg07100.html
For general directions, you can use the 3.1 Project Plans reference.

[edit] Schedule

The intent is to "line up" our 3.2 milestones with first four milestones of Helios Release. Our 3.2 work will also be input to any Helios builds.

M1 8/14
M1 8/21
WTP 3.2 Plans Due 8/14
M2 9/25
M2 10/2
Initial WTP 3.3 plans due 10/2 -- for Helios!
M3 11/05
After M3, start 3.2 Rampdown and PMC Review
M3 11/13 Start 3.2 Rampdown and PMC Review
M4 and 3.2 Release Build 12/10
M4/Release 12/18

[edit] WTP 3.3

  • We now have once-a-day Helios builds. Same WTP code. Different pre-req Platform. The goal is to make sure our 3.2 stream is at least compatible with both Galileo and Helios. Or, if we can not literally achieve being compatible, we should document why not and at least understand it.
  • Any issues?

[edit] Other business

  • It was asked if bugs have been open for all retrospective action items yet (answer: no) as there is still concern about builds taking so long (there are bugs to improve builds).
  • There will be a new "Community Forums" front end to newsgroups. It will be even more important to make sure descriptions for our WTP groups are clear, even for the "casual user".
To improve descriptions associated with newsgroups via Eclipse Portal:
Use the Portal > Eclipse Projects > [view] > [maintain] Project Info Metadata > newsgroup
Note: for those subprojects that do not have their own newsgroup (say, source editing) the metadata often now says "eclipse.webtools" with no description, but (I've heard) we can just remove those.

[edit] References

WTP 3.1 Post Mortem

ramp down plan and policies

See also the WTP Meeting Archive-Reference Page.