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WTP 2009-04-30

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WTP Development Status Meeting


Project Leads
Konstantin Y
Keith Y
Nitin Y
Kaloyan Y
Raghu Y
Neil Y
David Y
Bob Y
Carl Y
Dave Y
Angel Y
Valentin Y
Nick Y
Chris Y

Note: feel free to correct any errors/omissions in above attendance record.

Announcements And Special Reports

WTP Calendar

Focus on Quality (Neil)

Notes from Meeting: Neil will find a new focus item for next week.

  • Focus Item:
  • Target to a specific release or "future" if planning to fix but not in the next release
  • Adjust severity as appropriate
  • Upcoming Focus item
  • Past Focus Items
  • Mark invalid patches as obsolete
  • Target bugs to a release or "future" if not a current release
  • Target to a specific release or "future" if planning to fix but not in the next release
  • Adjust severity as appropriate

WTP 3.0.5

Notes from meeting: David was once again reminded to update the Google calendar. (done).

  • no declared build this week

3.0.5 schedule:

April 10 - M build
April 24 - M build
May 8 - RC1
All changes after May 8 require PMC approval (1 vote)
May 15 - RC2
All changes after May 15 require PMC approval (2 votes)
May 22 - final build
May 29 - 3.0.5 GA

WTP 3.1

  • Ready to declare weekly build?
April 30, 2009
  • Bug Triage
There are still approximately 60 bugs targeted to M7?!

Let's review:

Project Plans

and ...

Project Leads please update "automatic" IP Logs. See Development_Resources/Automatic IP Log


Ramp down

Reference our ramp down plan and policies

When to deliver for Tuesday builds? Ans: Mondays.

Should we participate in RC2? Ans: Yes (but expect to be pretty small, since 25th is U.S. Holiday)


Our initial schedule was based on Platform's proposed schedule.

The official "must do" schedule is the +2 category in the Galileo Simultaneous Release.

Normally, our milestone are one week after the Platform's delivery. Exceptions noted below.

3.0.1 Early Maintenance Release Aug 15
M1 -> Aug 22 (extra week added so not to overlap maintenance release)
3.0.2 Coordinated Maintenance Release Sep 24
M2 -> Sept 26 (extra week added so not to overlap maintenance release) (updated)
M3 -> Nov 7 (short milestone, since "making up" for added week above)
3.0.3 Early Maintenance Release Nov 14
M4 -> Dec 19
M5 -> Feb 6
3.0.4 Coordinated Maintenance Release Feb 25
M6 -> Wednesday, March 18 Feature Complete, API Freeze, UI Freeze, NLS, Accessibility
(EclipseCon March 23-27)
M7 -> Tuesday, May 5 Performance tuning, documentation, bug fixing
RC1 -> Tuesday, May 19 Serious bugs only, focus on stability.
RC2 -> Tuesday, May 26 WTP may not participate in an RC2 (based on based on previous years, RC2 comes too soon, needed more fixing effort, less testing)
RC3 -> Tuesday, June 2 Very serious bugs only.
RC4 -> Tuesday, June 9 Very very serious bugs only.
RC5 -> Tuesday, June 16 Hopefully no changes from RC4. Prepare web pages, update sites, etc.
GA -> Wednesday, June 24

Other business

Bob Fraser and Nova the look and feel: (see bug 261721)

Why no response to mailing list question (from 4/29) about the tcp/ip monitor?

Has any one done anything for "performance" we can mention in the Galileo Performance bug?


See also the WTP Meeting Archive-Reference Page.