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WTP 2008-01-17

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WTP Development Status Meeting 2008-01-17


Announcements And Reports

  • Change in committers server coming
  • WTP 2.0.2 Shutdown, RC1 in 2 weeks

Focus on Backlog and Quality metrics (Neil)

Neil: Untargeted Enhancement is still the focus

Common made good progress Comp leads for J2EE, WebServices, XML please take a look at outstanding ones Take a look at untargeted bugs with patches attached as a up coming item Untargeted bugs with patches is a small number May need to bump up the date 6 months?

David: Might be better to stay on current ones if moving up dates will double the #
Neil: will have an updated report for next week
Valentin: Possible to split between community and committers
Neil: Not easy, will take a look

  • Current Focus Item:
  • Options are
  • Invalid - Enhancement does not fit with the scope of the project or is already implemented.
  • helpwanted keyword - This is a valid request, but due to committer resources and other priorities, outside help will be needed to make this happen.
  • Future - I would use this in conjunction with the helpwanted keyword. I use this for legitimate requests that are important but will not make any planned release, but likely will make a future release.
  • Upcoming Focus Item:
  • Before July 1st, 2007 - 55
  • Past Focus Items:
Where did they all go?

Focus on Requirements Planning (Raghu)

Projects with no committed items: JPA
Please update status page
  • Please review untriaged enhancement requests
Untriaged Enhancement Requests (19)

WTP 2.0.2

  • Last M Build Jan 18
  • Feb 1 RC1
  • Feb 15 RC2 (RC2 bugs need PMC approval 1 votes)
  • Feb 22 RC3 (if necessary, RC3 need PMC approval 2 votes)
  • Feb 29 2.0.2 GA
  • Bug Lists
All Remaining 2.0.2 Targeted Bugs (~48)
2.0.2 Hot Bug Requests (~0)
2.0.2 Hot Bugs (~1)
2.0.2 Bugs for PMC Approval (~0)
2.0.2 Untargeted Blockers/Criticals (~0)
2.0.2 Blockers/Criticals (~0)
2.0.2 Total JST, WST, JSF Bugs Fixed (~70)
2.0.2 Dali Total Bugs Fixed (~4)
2.0.2 Resolved, Unverified Blockers/Criticals (~19) By Assignee

WTP 3.0 M5

  • our +2 date: Monday, February 18 2008
  • Final Code released by Feb 8th
Plan 01/07 - 01/11
Development 01/14 - 02/08
Test 02/11 - 02/15
  • Builds
  • 10 Junit failures
  • Smoketest pending

  • Bug Lists
3.0 Invalid Targeted Bugs (~9)
3.0 M5 Targeted Bugzilla Enhancements (~3)
All Remaining 3.0 Targeted Enhancements (~186)
3.0 M5 Remaining Targeted Bugs (~13)
3.0 M5 Hot Bug Requests (~0)
3.0 M5 Hot Bugs (~0)
3.0 M5 Blockers/Criticals (~0)
3.0 M5 JST, WST, JSF Bugs Fixed (~80)
3.0 M5 JPT Dali Bugs Fixed (~2)
3.0 Untargeted Blockers/Criticals (~1)
3.0 Resolved, Unverified Blockers/Criticals (~29) By Assignee

Other business?

  • Need IP CQs by 1/15. Any besides the following?
    • mail.jar
    • activation.jar
    • xerces 2.9.1
  • Review and finalize next week:
WTP 3.0 Ramp down Plan for Ganymede
freeze API, UI, features by M6, meaning PMC approval is needed post freeze, team leads please review, we'll go through it next week
JSF => Raghu will add info there
Dali JPA => will be removed
Source Editing => will be removed
    • Team leads: All triaged bugs in inbox should be cleaned up

Teams Status and Focus for Coming Week

Server Tools

Source Editors

  • Shutting down M4
  • Ongoing triaging of incoming bug reports

Web Services/WSDL

  1. Ongoing triage of incoming and existing bugs/RFEs.
  2. Planning for M5.

Java EE

Dali JPT


  • Planning for M3
  • Property Editor prototype
  • JSPX support investigation
  • XHTML support investigation


  • Branching Strategy
In general, the minimum is if you branch a plug-in to branch all the plug-ins in the corresponding map file. It is fine to branch everything if you choo

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