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WTP 2007-10-25

Revision as of 09:43, 25 October 2007 by (Talk | contribs) (WTP Development Status Meeting 2007-10-25)

WTP Development Status Meeting 2007-10-25

Announcements And Reports

  • I have suggested two "virtual teams" to focus on two series of tutorials:
  • How to extend WTP (Konstantin, Nitin, Chuck, Kaloyan)
  • How to use WTP (Jason, Kathy, Naci, Neil, Raghu)
  • The next Eclipse Bug Day is on the 26th

Action Items For Project Leads

  • Primary website Landing Page needs new Projects. See bug 201331.

Focus on Backlog and Quality metrics (Neil)

  • Current Focus Item:
  • Invalid - Enhancement does not fit with the scope of the project or is already implemented.
  • helpwanted keyword - This is a valid request, but due to committer resources and other priorities, outside help will be needed to make this happen.
  • Future - I would use this in conjunction with the helpwanted keyword. I use this for legitimate requests that are important but will not make any planned release, but likely will make a future release.
  • Upcoming Focus Item:
  • Past Focus Items:
Where did they all go?

Focus on Requirements Planning (Raghu)

Projects with no committed items: Common, JPA, Server Tools
Projects with no update for M3: Common, Java EE Tools, JPA, Server Tools
Please update status page
Untriaged Enhancement Requests (~22)
Plan items in Bugzilla (~42)

WTP 2.0.2

  • bi-weekly declared M-build status

  • Bug Lists
All Remaining 2.0.2 Targeted Bugs (~66)
2.0.2 Hot Bug Requests (~1)
2.0.2 Hot Bugs (~1)
2.0.2 Bugs for PMC Approval (~0)
2.0.2 Untargeted Blockers/Criticals (~0)
2.0.2 Blockers/Criticals (~4)
2.0.2 Total JST, WST, JSF Bugs Fixed (~27)
2.0.2 Dali Total Bugs Fixed (~0)
2.0.2 Resolved, Unverified Blockers/Criticals (~11) By Assignee

WTP 3.0 M3

  • M3 Schedule
  • our +2 date: November 14, Wednesday,
  • Final Code released by November 7
10/24 I-build code in
10/31 I-build code in
11/7 S-build code in
  • Declared Build Status

  • Bug Lists
3.0 Invalid Targeted Bugs (~0)
3.0 M3 Targeted Bugzilla Enhancements (~9)
All Remaining 3.0 Targeted Enhancements (~189)
3.0 M3 Remaining Targeted Bugs (~33)
3.0 M3 Hot Bug Requests (~0)
3.0 M3 Hot Bugs (~0)
3.0 M3 Blockers/Criticals (~1)
3.0 M3 JST, WST, JSF Bugs Fixed (~25)
3.0 M3 JPT Dali Bugs Fixed (~0)
3.0 Untargeted Blockers/Criticals (~1)
3.0 Resolved, Unverified Blockers/Criticals (~14) By Assignee

Other business?

  •  ?

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