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WTP/Retention Policy

Revision as of 00:07, 9 April 2009 by David (Talk | contribs) (document retention policy)

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Retention Policy for WTP builds

Builds in zip files

Formal releases are kept forever, but only the most recent release is kept on the main download page. Other, older build can be found on the eclipse archive site.

While developing a new releases milestone builds are kept until the release, at which point they are deleted.

Similarly, while developing a milestone, weekly builds are kept until the milestone is available, and then deleted.

Builds on update sites

Only the most recent release (and/or patches) are kept on the update site. The goal is to allow users to update to the latest code from what they have installed, but we don't support updating to some previous release. For example, if we come out with a "3.0.3", the "3.0.2" version won't be on the update site any longer. So, someone with "3.0.0" installed could update to "3.0.3", but they could no longer update only to "3.0.2", once 3.0.3 was released.

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