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Introduction and Overview

There is a tool in wtp releng that can modify p2 repository properties. This is especially useful for modifying these properties "after the fact", such as to give a final name to a repo, change or remove the p2.mirrorsURL value after a repository has been moved, etc.

While it is in the WTP code repository, it has been used for various things in Orbit and the yearly Simultaneous Release as well, so moderately reliable.

The tool can be used (or copied) by any project, but if you do, test well, on local test repos first, and early in dev cycle, and "use at your own risk" as it is not a fully supported API or tool with unit tests, etc. It uses only p2 APIs so should work with about any version of Eclipse SDK.

Getting or installing

The source code itself is in the cvs repository /cvsroot/webtools in a module under webtools.releng/plugins/, the module is named org.eclipse.wtp.releng.tools (that is, that's what you would check out as your Eclipse IDE project).

The feature used when building it is similar, but under webtools.releng/features/, and named org.eclipse.wtp.releng.tools.feature.

To install an already built version into your IDE or SDK, you can use the repository at


And install the org.eclipse.wtp.releng.tools.feature.

In install with p2 Director, you could use something similar to

 eclipse/eclipse \
    -application org.eclipse.equinox.p2.director \
    -noSplash -consolelog -debug -console \
    -repository \
 http://download.eclipse.org/webtools/releng/repository/ \
    -installIUs \