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WTP/Build/WTP Build Rhythm Schedule

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Finding That Sweet WTP Build Rhythm


  • Team development.


  • Team development.
  • Prerequisite dependencies finalized and in the builds. (This is the goal, but note anyone can request a dependency be updated at any time by posting to wtp-releng@eclipse.org.)


  • Team development


-Teams should not commit any more changes until the build is declared. Unless, of course, it is to fix a bug that is blocking declaration of the build. Such bugs should be well documented in a bugzilla and announced to wtp-releng as a "respin request" (even though, the build will run automatically).
  • Team's smoke test and report status on wiki page by 2 PM EST.
  • If a team needs to respin for a severe issue, the team may do so provided they report a failed smoke test status on the wiki and send a note to wtp-releng@eclipse.org with the defect number and explanation of which teams will need to re-smoke test the new build.
  • Discuss declaration of the weekly build during the WTP Status Call 2 PM EST.
  • In the event a re-build is required, then a new build must be complete by roughly 9 AM EST Friday.


  • Team development continues.