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WTP/Build/WTP Batch Build

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How to setup WTP batch Build locally

1. Setup prereqs

a. apache ant 1.7 =>
b. Java SDK 1.4 and 1.5

2. Check out build files

mkdir <BUILD HOME>, for example mkdir /shared/webtools
checkout the releng.control project from CVS using the below command

cvs -Q -f -d export -d <BUILD HOME>/releng.control -r HEAD webtools.releng/releng.control

3. Modifying properties files for your local build environment (you can do this either in eclipse or by opening the files from command line) a. You can always get a fresh copy of all properties files from CVS by running the <BUILD HOME>/releng.control/ script, however to avoid your already modified properties files from being overwritten when the command is executed, you should make a copy of the properties directory first and modify the copied version e.g. cp –R <BUILD HOME>/releng.control/localBuildExample ../new_props

b. Modifying <BUILD HOME>/releng.control/commonVariations.shsource BUILD_HOME to location of where your java and ant ANT_HOME to location of where your ant JAVA_4_HOME to location of where your java 4 JAVA_5_HOME to location of where your java 5

LOCAL_BUILD_PROPERTIES_DIR to the copied properties directory from the last step


SKIPUSER=true ;since this is a local build c. Modyfing <BUILD HOME>/new props dir/ Update this file to correspond to which JAVA you’re using locally

4. Running the build:

a. In <BUILD HOME>/releng.control/ b. ./ –f cc_project_build.xml –Dprojectname=wtp-R3.0-I

Note: projectname is mandatory, all available projects are

wtp-R3.0-I for current 3.0 integration build
wtp-R2.0-M for 2.0 maintenance build
wtp-R3.0-N HEAD build for 3

5. Checking the build results

After the build is done, you should find the following directories created inside the <BUILD HOME> directory


Viewing the results

a. Run <workspace dir>/releng.control/./ to retrieve the necessary files from CVS to display results

b. Setup alias on linux to work with default webserver

i./sbin/service httpd start to start webserver and ensure http://localhost can be accessed post starting webserver
ii.Modify /etc/http/conf/httpd.conf to setup alias to your <BUILD HOME dir>
Alias /wtpbuild/ <BUILD HOME dir>/
<Directory "<Build Home dir> /">
Options Indexes MultiViews
AllowOverride None
Order allow,deny
Allow from all
iii. Restart webserver to pick up changes /sbin/service httpd restart
iv. http://localhost/wtpbuild should bring up the index.php file where you can view the build and test results

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