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WTP/Build/WTP Adding JUnits

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How To Add a JUnit Project To the WTP Builds


    1. put in cvs
      directory should be created first, creating a folder in the 'tests' directory of the component.
      then using eclipse wizard to 'share', but don't use default name (that'd create a top level project)
      but instead use the 'browse' function to put in the folder created.
    2. add to appropriate .map file (using the project name, and full cvs name).
      it must be added "by hand" to a map file before it can be released with release tool.
    3. add the project to a features xml file.
      For test plugins, the test plugin should NOT be packed (there are some ant tasks that use file functions).
      And, this means to omit the unpack attribute.
    4. send note to webmaster to have project and its location added to the modules file in CVS

PROJECT test.xml file

    1. copy a test.xml file from another project,
      and edit the 2 or 3 things that are project specific
      1. near the top the plugin name
      2. near the bottom the one, main classname that runs all the tests
      3. the ant target to run (in the element that contains the tests classname) is either
        1. target="core-test" (if there is no UI required), or
        2. target="ui-test" (if there is UI required).
    2. add the test.xml file (using check box in properties editor)
      to the build.properties file so it'll be included in the "bin" build.

WTP test.xml file

    1. there's a test.xml file in wtpBuilder that needs updating. Check two spots.
      1. one is that the target needs to be defined in top part of file or else the plugin included in another existing target, if there is a "family" of tests).
      2. Then near the bottom the "all" target must be updated to run the test target (unless the new one was just included in an existing one).

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