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WPE TagTransformOperations Update

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All tag transformation operations are now made available by extending the org.eclipse.jst.pagedesigner.pageDesignerExtension. Here is an example extension taken from the org.eclipse.jst.pagedesigner plugin.xml:






, where the operation class must extend org.eclipse.jst.pagedesigner.dtmanager.converter.operations.AbstractTransformOperation.

To reference an operation, a fully qualified extension-id must now be used. Anyone who had previously created design-time metadata, DTInfo, must update the id.


       <operation id="CreateElementOperation">
               should become,
       <operation id="org.eclipse.jst.pagedesigner.CreateElementOperation"

If "CustomTransformOperation" ids were used, the references must also be updated to use the extension-id instead. The <parameter> child element to the CustomTransformOperation is no longer required or used.


       <operation id="CustomTransformOperation">

value="org.eclipse.jst.pagedesigner.jsf.ui.converter.operations.jsf.ColumnOperation" />

               should become,
       <operation id="org.eclipse.jst.pagedesigner.jsf.ui.ColumnOperation"/>