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Virgo git Repositories

For example, to build the test stubs module which is the first repo we have got in along with our build system, just do the following:

git clone git://
cd org.eclipse.virgo.osgi-test-stubs/
git submodule update --init
cd build-osgi-stubs
ant clean clean-integration test


Short Name Description Anonymous: git clone Committer: git clone
web-server Web server packaging build
documentation End-user documentation
apps Virgo-supplied applications
web Web integration layer
kernel Kernel
artifact-repository Artifact repository
medic Diagnostics git:// ssh://
test Test framework git:// ssh://
util utilities git:// ssh://
osgi-extensions Launcher and Equinox hooks git:// ssh://
osgi-test-stubs Unit test stubs for common OSGi interfaces git:// ssh://
virgo-build Ant/Ivy based build system
performance-test Performance tests
system-verification-tests SVT tests
kernel-system-verification-tests Kernel SVT tests
kernel-tools Tools integration layer
sample-greenpages Greenpages sample
sample-configuration-properties Configuration properties sample
sample-formtags Formtags sample
sample-osgi-examples OSGi samples

Please note that the above repositories cannot be built until Virgo build is checked in and linked as a submodule into these repositories.

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