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This page notes design ideas for future Virgo features.

Jetty Support

Note that Jetty support may be provided mostly in Virgo's sister project Gemini Web. The Tomcat-based Virgo Web Server integrates Gemini Web and a Jetty-based variant may do the same.

Jetty has existing support for OSGi including RFC 66. After Jetty is bootstrapped in the OSGi framework, web bundles may be deployed directly to Jetty using the whiteboard pattern.

Deploying Web Bundles

A ContextHandler service must be registered with appropriate service properties. Presumably the bundle registering the service is the web bundle itself, although this is not clear from the Jetty documentation above which refers to the registering bundle as a 'contributor'. It is not clear whether the contributor is a bundle which is contributing some other web bundle or whether the contributor is the web bundle itself (in which case why should it be called 'contributor'?).