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(4.0.0 (????) Release)
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* TBD, but see the [ Steel bugtrain bug 396813].
* TBD, but see the [ Steel bugtrain bug 396813].
== 4.0.0 (????) Release ==
== 4.0.0 (Cobalt) Release ==
* Upgrade to Gemini Management 2.0
* Upgrade to Gemini Management 2.0

Revision as of 11:18, 10 April 2013

This page summarises the Virgo plan and notes design ideas for future Virgo features.

Virgo Plan

The following plan is subject to change and depends on how much resource is available as the project evolves.

3.7.0 (Steel) Release

4.0.0 (Cobalt) Release

  • Upgrade to Gemini Management 2.0

Release Branding

To accommodate simultaneous releases of Virgo runtime, OSGi Web Container runtime, and Virgo tooling, we are branding each release with the name of a colour, including old releases.

Virgo Release Branding
Brand Runtime Web Container Eclipse IDE Tooling
Fern SpringSource dm Server 1.0 - -
Emerald SpringSource dm Server 2.0 OSGi Web Container 1.0 -
Cornflower Virgo 2.1 Gemini Web 1.1 -
Maya Virgo 3.0 Gemini Web 2.0 -
Bondi Virgo 3.5 Gemini Web 2.1 Virgo IDE 3.5
Sky Virgo 3.6 Gemini Web 2.2 -
Steel Virgo 3.7 Gemini Web 2.2 or 2.3 -

Note 1: we are steering clear of the following "wimp list" of colours: Azure, Indigo.

Note 2: the SpringSource dm Server releases are shades of green because of the SpringSource branding. Virgo has cornflower blue in its logo and admin console styling, so we chose shades of blue for Virgo releases.

Future Directions

Support for the OSGi Subsystems specification is deferred indefinitely (rationale), except for generalising the InstallArtifact tree to a DAG which was implemented in Virgo 3.5.0 (see the Kernel Enhancements section of the Virgo 3.5.0 release notes).

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