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This page contains hints and tips for diagnosing problems with Virgo and Virgo applications.

Equinox Console

The Equinox Console is useful for examining either the kernel framework or the user region framework.

Virgo offers shell commands to the user region Equinox Console for slightly more friendly inspection of user region artefacts.

To enable an Equinox console, you need to set a framework property, like this:

identifying the port to use.

In the case of the user region, add this property to the file config/org.eclipse.virgo.kernel.userregion.properties. In the case of the kernel region, add this property to the file lib/org.eclipse.virgo.kernel.launch.properties.

You can even enable an Equinox console in both regions at once, using two different ports of course.

To use the console, telnet in:

> telnet localhost 2402

The most useful commands are ss to list all bundles, bundle <n> to display information about the bundle with bundle id <n>, and help to see other commands.

When running in the user region, the Virgo shell commands are offered via the vsh command. Type vsh help to see a list of the shell commands available.