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  • Glyn Normington - VMware
  • Nikolai Tankov - SAP


1. Follow up on p2 is still pending. Nikolai gave an overview of how p2 will be used to speed up Virgo startup. Apparently Equinox can restart more reliably when p2 is used to install bundles than when the standard Equinox install mechanism is used.

2. The kernel is now checked in and ready for others to build. Development of post-baseline features can proceed on a branch which can be merged back into master after the baseline release.

3. We are planning to raise all remaining CQs by 21 May 2010. The Eclipse IP are aiming to provide initial approval by 31 May. After that the VMware team will be trying to create a baseline incubator release or milestone, depending upon what is permitted under parallel IP by the Eclipse process.