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Virgo/Community/Migrating from 3.0.x to 3.5.0

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Modified Directory Layout


Transformer Signature

Transformer services in Virgo 3.5.0 operate in terms of a directed acyclic graph of install artefacts instead of the tree which was used by Virgo 3.0.x.

If you provide a Transformer service, you'll need to rework it to implement the modified signature. For example, the WebTransformer.transform method needed to be changed as follows:

public void transform(GraphNode<InstallArtifact> installGraph, InstallEnvironment installEnvironment) throws DeploymentException {

           installGraph.visit(new ExceptionThrowingDirectedAcyclicGraphVisitor<InstallArtifact, DeploymentException>() {
             public boolean visit(GraphNode<InstallArtifact> node) throws DeploymentException {
                InstallArtifact installArtifact = node.getValue();
               if (checkWebBundle(installArtifact)) {
                   applyWebContainerTransformations((BundleInstallArtifact) installArtifact);
                  return true;