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# Right-click on '''''releng.incubator.vex project''''' folder and choose '''''Team > Release...'''''
# Right-click on '''''releng.incubator.vex project''''' folder and choose '''''Team > Release...'''''
# '''Tag name:''' [ UTC date/time] in the format '''''vYYYYYMMDDHHMM'''''
# '''Tag name:''' [ UTC date/time] in the format '''''vYYYYYMMDDHHMM'''''
= Vex Committer Calls
* [[VexCommitterCall20100713|2010-07-13]]

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Project Manifesto

  1. All new enhancements will be unit tested.
  2. First learn rule number 1.

Getting the Source

The source code for Vex resides in the incubator/sourceediting module within the /cvsroot/webtools CVS repository.

Information on how to check out the code at eclipse can be found on the Development Resources page.

The name of the Vex plugin projects are all prefixed with: org.eclipse.wst.xml.vex

The following is a list of where specific items can be found:

  • plugins - the actual ui and core plugins.
  • documentation - eclipse help plugins that contain both user and developer documentation.
  • tests - unit test plugins.
  • features - features used mainly for update site installation.

Patches and Bug Fixes

Please use the Team->Create Patch option to submit any patches or bug fixes. Bug fixes that come with unit tests are more likely to be reviewed sooner than those that do not come with unit tests. Patches over 250 lines of code will have to be sent through eclipse IP review.

With that said, we are actively seeking new enhancements and patches for Vex.

Getting Help

Committers watch and hang out on a variety of eclipse resources channels. Include #eclipse irc channel on Also, we monitor both the incubator newsgroup as well as the main webtools newsgroup. Developer questions should be sent to the wtp-incubator mailing list.

Release Integration Build (Committers only)

  1. Right-click on releng.incubator.vex project folder and choose Team > Release...
  2. Tag name: UTC date/time in the format vYYYYYMMDDHHMM

= Vex Committer Calls

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