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| download  = http://download.eclipse.org/vjet/
| download  = http://download.eclipse.org/vjet/
| website  = http://www.eclipse.org/vjet
| website  = http://www.eclipse.org/vjet
| newsgroup = VJet
| newsgroup = eclipse.vjet
| list      = vjet-dev
| list      = vjet-dev
| product  = VJET
| product  = VJET

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VJET is an open source project under the Webtools top-level project.

VJET JavaScript IDE aims to provide the best and most productive JavaScript functional and multiple-library development tools for JavaScript developers for the Eclipse platform. In different JavaScript libraries, the typing concepts are manifested through classes, mix-ins, modules, interfaces, enumerations where you want to have excellent type code assist, validation and searching for these types. In addition, there are also many native JavaScript concepts where VJET solves code completion for advanced features such as mixed typing, overloaded functions, function call-backs, and typed object literals.

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