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Release Notes for VIATRA2 R3.3

VIATRA2 R3.3 is the newest release of the VIATRA2 model transformation framework. R3.3, like its predecessor R3.2, is mainly a bugfix-oriented release containing fixes for many issues, and performance as well as usability enhancements; it is compatible with Eclipse Indigo and Juno. For notes on the previous major release (R3.2), refer to VIATRA2/ReleaseNotes3.2 and VIATRA2/ReleaseNotes3.1

Fixed issues include:

  • improved error management, more robust behaviour for erroneous transformations
  • various GUI and model transformation engine fixes and enhancements
  • improved incremental pattern matcher performance

Most important enhancements include:

  • updated help contents, based on the wiki
  • trace-based transformation execution, to support design-space exploration
  • integrated efficient incremental transitive closure into the incremental pattern matcher