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Differences in EMF-IncQuery 0.8

Important: Before first using EMF-IncQuery 0.8, the older incquery projects needs to be updated. This is achieved by selecting the "Update/Add EMF-IncQuery Nature" menu item from the "Configuration" sub-menu of the project. Until the first build is finished after the update, some exceptions might be thrown.

The org.eclipse.incquery.runtime project does not depend (and re-export) on the org.eclipse.patternlanguage.emf project. This might required some changes in existing code.

Generic API use

  • The GenericQuerySpecification, GenericPatternMatcher and GenericPatternMatch classes have been moved to the org.eclipse.incquery.patternlanguage.emf project, to the org.eclipse.incquery.patternlanguage.emf.specification package. In case these classes are required, add the org.eclipse.incquery.patternlanguage project as additional dependency.
  • To initialize query specifications from selected patterns, use the SpecificationBuilder class.


The registry does not know anything about patterns; related methods, most specifically the #getOrCreateQuerySpecification(Pattern) method. If it is required, use the SpecificationBuilder#getOrCreateSpecification(Pattern) method instead.

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