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VIATRA Query Engine Internals



Most important concepts

  • ViatraQueryEngine: the central element of the API.
  • ViatraQueryScope: the set of model elements the ViatraQueryEngine should work on. The project itself implements only EMFScope right now.
  • EMFQueryRuntimeContext: wrapper class for the query backends to access the model. The access can be both indexed and non-indexed.
  • IQueryBackend: an executor of graph pattern matches; it instantiates IResultProviders. Query Backends needs to be registered to the ViatraQueryEngine itself.
    • RetePatternMatcher is the fully incremental implementation of the IResultProvider interface.
    • LocalSearchMatcher is a local search based implementation of the IResultProvider interface.
  • The Matcher interface is the public matcher API: generated instances are type-safe.

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