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  • consider rescheduling meeting to a new time slot
    • TODO Ábel: create doodle
  • 1.0.1 released, so far so good
  • Github sharing:
    • TODO Ábel: write description
  • dev guide:
    • metamodel generation from MWE2 workflow
  • FAQ migration TODO István
  • error reporting:
    • not actionable issues, anonymous report so we cannot reach out to user
    • make sure to include contact details when reporting our own issues
    • use “Triage” menu to send to bugzilla if actionable
    • Issue list
  • Xtext 2.9
    • TODO Dini: try trivial migration on a branch
    • change to milestone builds of Xtext on master in the short term
  • roadmap
    • Dini will start work on cyclic linking issue during Maven compilation
    • Xtext 2.9 support is also planned before ECE2015

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