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(Checkpoint 2: Supporting services)
(Checkpoint 2: Supporting services)
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*Related Bugzilla entries (prioritized):
*Related Bugzilla entries (prioritized):
**[[VIATRA2/CEP|Wiki pages]] (previously planned for Checkpoint #4 at the end of Q1/2015)
**[[VIATRA2/CEP|Wiki pages]] (previously planned for Checkpoint #4 at the end of Q1/2015)

Revision as of 05:00, 16 January 2015

VIATRA CEP Roadmap for Q4 2014 and Q1 2015

Last revised October 23, 2014

Please send comments about this draft plan to the developer mailing list.

For the currently active bugs, see the related page in the Bugzilla.

First release

There is no scheduled date for the first official release of the restarted VIATRA project, but it is expected to go in Q2/Q3 of 2015. In the context of the CEP extension, we follow the checkpoints below.

Checkpoint 1: DSL stabilization

  • Fixes, but no enhancements for the DSL
    • Typical issues: inconsistent code generation from patterns, shortcomings of the IDE while designing patterns, IncQuery integration
  • Targeted date: 2014/Q4 -- December 18
  • Changes
    • Support for nested complex event expressions (29/11/2014)
    • Upgrade to Xtext 2.7 (29/11/2014)
    • fixed [441088] (1/12/2014)

Checkpoint 2: Supporting services

  • Generated factories, interfaces should be revised in order to enable more efficient and component-oriented reuse of the event model
    • Typical issues: too much coding required for putting the engine to work (common use-cases should be considered), GUI support (e.g. wizards) are not working with E4.4, project builder, automatic dependency management, unit and integration test packages
  • Targeted date: 2015/Q1 -- January 31
  • Related Bugzilla entries (prioritized):
  • Changes

Checkpoint 3: DSL enhancements

Checkpoint 4: Finalization

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