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Welcome to the Visual Editor FAQ

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  • Why is VE not yet working with Eclipse 3.3 ?

The VE team is reforming. The code in CVS works with 3.3 and intermediate builds will be released soon.

  • I Internationalized my program but in VE Java Beans I see only question marks and in VE main window I don't see the internationalized components.

You need to put the locale initialization stuff in the method that gets the main component that contains the other, for example if you have a JFrame in the getJFrame() method you need to put something like this :

l= Locale.getDefault();	
try{messages = ResourceBundle.getBundle("msg",l);}
catch(MissingResourceException e)//if the locale for the current environment isn't available fall back to en_US
    messages = ResourceBundle.getBundle("msg",l);

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