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Using Hudson/Using Hudson plugins

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Hudson-bust.png Using Hudson Plugins

Plugin Categories

Hudson is extended through the use of plugins. Plugins integrate Hudson with a range of build, SCM, testing and other ALM/SDLC tools

Plugins are categorized into three levels:

Other plugins with no tier details have not yet been assessed into a tier. the assessed plugins represent the most popular plugins. If you would like a specific plugin to be assessed into a tier please mail the dev list

Tier 1 (core) Plugins

The following plugins are defined as being part of the Hudson Core, for the purposes of committer rights:

Tier 1 plugins are shipped with the Hudson core. They are tested as part of the QA certification process

Tier 2 Plugins

The following plugins are Hudson maintained and in addition are tested as part of the QA certification process:

Tier 3 Plugins

These plugins fall into 4 categories:

  • Hudson - plugins developed and maintained for the Hudson community
  • Compatible - tested by their owners for compatibility between Hudson and Jenkins
  • Install Tested - those that, on release of a new plugin version, are tested by the Hudson community that they at least install correctly. But there is no stated compatibility from Jenkins
  • Other - plugins that have not been identified as belonging to any of the above categories

How to install plugins

Using the interface

The simplest way is by going to your installation's management screen and clicking Manage Plugins (http://yourhost/hudson/pluginManager/). The web interface will then download *.hpi files from here, and you will just need to restart your Hudson to pick up the changes.

By hand

Download Site

Save the downloaded *.hpi file into the $HUDSON_HOME/plugins directory. You will then need to restart Hudson (many containers let you do this without restarting the container.)

Caveat: the names of the plugin directories on the download site are not always matching the name given to the plugin; common sense should apply.

Developer Information

Plugin developers should take a look at Hosting Hudson Plugins