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bugzilla id: michael.obrien(at)oracle.com

committer id: mobrien

Location: Ottawa, Canada - Eastern Standard Time

  • Committer on Eclipse Persistence Services project - EclipseLink

Profession: Overly enthusiastic and optimistic Enterprise Software Developer

Currently working with Oracle Corporation on their TopLink product and with the Eclipse Foundation on their EclipseLink product. Specializing in Application Server Container deployments, JMX and the Metamodel API in the latest JSR-317 JPA 2.0 API RI for the JEE6 specification.



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  • JPA Real World Hardware Integration
  • External Technical Blogs
  • Any EclipseLink Bugs or Enhancements I am currently working on can be viewed on my LED display board on my cubicle wall - In case I forget over the weekend. The bug numbers are automatically downloaded from an eclipse web query every 15 min and downloaded both to the display controller (an 8 core parallel processor - 1 core/line and the 5th core for USB comms) and a server-side Derby database via an EclipseLink JPA based SE network application.

IMG 0608 EclipseLink Bugs obrienlabs LED Display board 480h.jpg

  • When I think about what is possible with technical computing and the problems it can overcome in advancing the human race - I feel very very positive. I get the same feeling as when I think about Science - like the anything is possible. I get a similar feeling when I have a multilayer distributed application stopped by multiple debuggers at the exact point where a critical defect occurs - and realizing the solution is on the screen (or multiple screens - if you know me personally). It is hard to describe what exactly it is that is so appealing about my work - it may be the discovery of patterns and how to solve insurmountable problems.

It may be the feeling that nothing is beyond reach with the right amount of judicious technical discovery.





Dynamic Persistence

Architecture Aware Computing

SaaS | PaaS | IaaS

Concurrency Issues


Deferred but Very Important



Bugs and Enhancements I am interested in


  • 20110209: Distributed JPA application using multiple SE clients connected to a single EE server using various EJB/RMI, JMS, JAX-RS and WebServices technologies. Use this distributed framework to hammer the JTA container managed persistence context and observe how it handles concurrency contention.
  • Concurrency
  • Thread safety
  • Mixed JSF/Spring/AJAX/EJB framework artifacts
  • Hibernate JPA and WebLogic

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  • 20101231:3188
  • 20100908: rewrite started at hit 2620
  • Don't let let your multicore processor sit idle or use a small percentage of it's potential - use threads and push your processor to it's limit of parallel computation and use of electrical resources. Pass this very interesting graphic to all your friends.

Corei7 920 zoom time 1 to 512 threads graph.JPG

  • This has been a Michael O'Brien public service message.