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'''''Work In Progress'''''
'''''Work In Progress'''''
== Description ==
An Eclipse Workbench has been enabled with the Corona collaboration framework, specifically the ''Project'' collaboration context.  A user wants to open a ''Project Container'' that holds two Eclipse Workbench projects.  The user will use the ''Project Container Explorer'' to navigate the list of locally cached ''Project Container'' definitions and select a ''Project Container'' to open.  Upon selection, the ''Project Container Explorer'' will launch the ''Project Container View'' as well as open all Workbench projects that belong to the ''Project Container''.
== Actors ==
* ''Team Member'' – A member of team that performs the '''open''' action ''Project Container''.
== Assumptions ==
* The Eclipse Workbench has been enabled with Corona and ECF plug-ins
* The Workbench has previously imported ''Project Container'' definitions, including the ''Project Container'' named "Demo"
* Workbench project ‘A’ belongs to the ''Project Container'' named "Demo"
* Workbench project ‘B’ belongs to the ''Project Container'' named "Demo"
== Steps ==
# A ''Team Member'' has started an Eclipse Workbench enabled with Corona collaboration
# The ''Team Member'' uses the ''Project Container Explorer'' to show the list of locally known ''Project Containers''
## The ''Project Container Explorer'' requests a list of locally available ''Project Containers'' from the ''Project Container Cache''
## The ''Project Container Explorer'' displays a tree structure of locally known (cached) ''Project Container''s
# The ''Team Member'' selects the ''Project Container'' named '''Demo'''
# The ''Project Container Explorer'' the requests the ''Project Container Cache'' to '''open''' the ''Project Container''
## The ''Project Container Cache'' performs a remote call to the Corona collaboration server requesting the ''Project Container Manager'' to open the ''Project Container''
## If the ''Project Container Cache'' is unable to interact with the ''Project Container Manager'' the locally defined ''Project Container'' will be used.
# The ''Project Container Explorer'' publish a ''Project Event'' indicating that the user has opened the "Demo" ''Project Container''
# The ''Project Container Explorer'' displays the ''Project Container View'' for the opened ''Project Container''
# The ''Project Container Explorer'' opens each Eclipse Workbench project associated with the "Demo" ''Project Container''
## Eclipse Workbench 'A' is opened
## Eclipse Workbench 'B' is opened
== Variations ==
== Non-Functional ==
=== Performance ===
* Performance is expected to meet a normal user experience.
=== Frequency ===
* A ''Team Member'' is expected to open a ''Project Container'' several times per day.  It is expected to be a low frequency request.

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Dennis O'Flynn


Dennis O’Flynn is a Software Architect at Compuware specializing in cross-product integration. Current, he is the Project Lead for the Eclipse Corona project. Previously, Dennis was the Team Leader on an internal server-side framework project that provides messaging and web service infrastructures for several of Compuware’s product lines.

Dennis is an avid fan of ice hockey. He is an assistant coach a youth hockey team and plays recreational adult hockey.

email: Dennis.OFlynn@compuware.com


Work In Progress