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m (Corona 1.0.0M4 Demo)
m (Corona 1.0.0M4 Demo)
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## [ Equinox DS Service]
## [ Equinox DS Service]
## [ Eclipse EMF]
## [ Eclipse EMF]
## [ Eclipse XSD]
## [ Eclipse GEF]
## [ Eclipse GEF]

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Dennis O'Flynn


Dennis O’Flynn is a Software Architect at Compuware specializing in cross-product integration. Current, he is the Project Lead for the Eclipse Corona project. Previously, Dennis was the Team Leader on an internal server-side framework project that provides messaging and web service infrastructures for several of Compuware’s product lines.

Dennis is an avid fan of ice hockey. He is an assistant coach a youth hockey team and plays recreational adult hockey.



To Do

Corona 1.0.0M4 Demo

  1. Download Corona 1.0.0M4 Demo
    1. Unzip Coron 1.0.0M4 demo onto your workstation. The location used will be referenced as demo root for these instructions.
  2. Download the following Eclipse technology frameworks. Place all of these in the folder: demo root/download
    1. Eclipse SDK v3.2
    2. ECF v0.9.1
    3. Equinox Log Service
    4. Equinox Event Service
    5. Equinox DS Service
    6. Eclipse EMF
    7. Eclipse XSD
    8. Eclipse GEF

Things to Remember\

  1. Configure ECF server to create group "corona"
  2. User's name must be in TeamMemberRepository for events to be distributed

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