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=== To Do ===
=== To Do ===
'''''Work In Progress'''''
=== Demo: Project Collaboration ===
<table border=1>
<td align=right><b>Component</b></td>
<td align=center>Project Container<br>Explorer</td>
<td align=center>Project Container<br>Cache</td>
<td align=center>Project Container<br>View</td>
<td align=center>Project Container<br>Manager</td>
<td align=center>Project Container<br>Core</td>
<td align=center>Project Container<br>Repository</td>
<td align=right><b>Owner</b></td>
<td align=center>Pawel<br>Kaczmarek</td>
<td align=center>Dennis<br>O'Flynn</td>
<td align=center>Marcin<br>Okraszewski</td>
<td align=center>Glenn<br>Everitt</td>
<td align=center>Edyta<br>Kalka</td>
<td align=center>Edyat<br>Kalka</td>
=== Naming Convention ===
==== Plug-ins ====
* Start with org.eclipse.corona
* Do not use “client” or “server” designation
* Use “ui” designation if it provides any user interface
==== Packages ====
* Start with org.eclipse.corona
==== Classes ====
==== Methods ====
* Use get/set for class attributes
* Use list prefix for functions that return List objects
** e.g. List list = x.listMembers();
* Use find prefix for any search related methods
** e.g. Member mbr = x.findMember(name);

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Dennis O'Flynn


Dennis O’Flynn is a Software Architect at Compuware specializing in cross-product integration. Current, he is the Project Lead for the Eclipse Corona project. Previously, Dennis was the Team Leader on an internal server-side framework project that provides messaging and web service infrastructures for several of Compuware’s product lines.

Dennis is an avid fan of ice hockey. He is an assistant coach a youth hockey team and plays recreational adult hockey.

email: Dennis.OFlynn@compuware.com


To Do