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Business Information

  • Senior Software Developer @ Attensity Europe GmbH
  • Architect and Commiter for the SMILA Project
  • mail me

Personal Information

What I like to do when not working

  • playing table tennis for TTC Brücken. You can take a look at our current position and latest results at and even see my personal score
  • playing the fantasy/sci-fi role playing games Dungeons & Dragons and Star Wars in conjunction with 3 dimensional dungeons from Mastermaze. Once you've played with these accessories, you never want to play without them again. Take a look at the gallery to get a feeling how a complete dungeon looks like.
  • listening to weird music and going to concerts and festivals. Check out the best and most innovative CD released in the last years (or since I consciously listen to music): The Director's Cut from Fantômas. It contains "cover versions" of classic movie scores (mainly horror or thriller) from great composers like Enio Morricone, Henry Mancini or Jerry Goldsmith. The scores are torn apart, pushed through a meat chopper and reassembeled in new ways never before imagined, but still distinguishable. In some songs the singer uses his voice as a replacement for instruments and the speed of the songs changes from brutal and aggressive to soft and ambient in a second. For a first time listener it may sound like a mix of chaotic noise, but it's worth __listening__. A real experience!


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