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UOMo adds Units of Measurement support for IT Systems and Services both to common programming languages like Java or Data Exchange using standards like UCUM, UnitsML or MathML.

The goal of Project UOMo is to combine what OHF UCUM archieved plus generic Units of Measure support in the spirit of OSGi Measurement, JSR-256 or UCAR/JSR-108 adding Static Type Safety like "Smart" Data or JScience/JSR-275.

UOMo stands for, home to UCUM or, hosting the Units of Measurement API.

Uomo also means "man" or "human" in Italian.

Uomo Vitruviano, the Vitruvian Man by Leonardo da Vinci was created illustrating how to measure ideal human proportions[1]

27 03 Uomo vitruviano.jpg

And given that NASA and other Space Agencies rely on Type Safe Units of Measure APIs after serious and costly incidents in lack of those, one of their greatest hero's

(Italian) words are another great argument:

"Questo è un piccolo passo per l'uomo ... uno ... balzo gigantesco per l'umanità"

(Neil Armstrong, July 21st, 1969)

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