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UI Forms

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This is basic content only. Please convert to the Template file for adding to the UI Best Practices and fill in more complete information.


UI Forms enhancements in release 3.3: http://www.eclipse.org/eclipse/platform-ua/proposals/forms/enhancements-3.3/index.html

Plus, visual design information such as layout and colors.

When do you use forms inside a view/editor?

  • Depends on audience and problem space
  • Slickness of look
  • Type, amount, and complexity of content, e.g., complex content is good in form content

Is it appropriate to use forms in a view that is not

  • Yes
  • Don't want to over use though since everything ends up looking the same
  • Distinguish primary and secondary views by how you render elements in form
  • Use forms API to varying degrees for secondary views
  • Can also use GEF

Related comments:

  • Overuse of model dialogs - eg. launch configuration
  • Rethink this one and move it to forms
  • Move away from modal dialogs
  • Other dialogs that could be (have been) non-modal: Run, Preference -- but have to stay that way to not cause breakages
  • Example of something complex that you can see or not see: XRay (by Chris Laffra), floating -- go to eclipsefaq.org/chris/xray