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UI Best Practices Update Process

Process for Updating the UI Best Practices Guidelines

Make a request

  • Look at the discussion page Talk:User_Interface_Guidelines and see if there is already a request. If not:
  • File a bugzilla with component “UI Guidelines”

Track the bug. The bug will get reviewed and voted on. If it gets enough votes it will be assigned (probably to you if you volunteered to do the work). Otherwise it will be resolved as will not fix.

Add your content

Create a new wiki page linked to Talk:User_Interface_Guidelines and add your content. Put a link to this page in your bug. [[Talk:User_Interface_Guidelines Here is a template that you can use for your content: Talk:User_Interface_Guidelines

Have things reviewed. Change the status of the bug to resolved with resolution fixed. This will trigger review. [Don’t know the formal process here so how about …] Wait a while. If there is violent objection someone will reopen the bug. Discussion can happen on the bug thread or UIBPWG mailing list. This can also be brought up at one of the meetings.

Merge your changes into the drafts. Move your content from the sandbox to the draft pages here.

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