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UI Best Practices Template v3.x

Topic Name


<This is a single active and concise statement describing what to do to follow the best practice. It should start with a verb.>

Problem Description

<This is short 1 – 3 paragraph description of the problem.>

Best Practice

<This lists and describes the best practices or best practices in solve the problem.>

Tips and Tricks

<This offers tips and tricks for solving the problem.>

Common Errors

<This offers tips and tricks for solving the problem.>

Good example 1

Good example 2


<This offers information for implementing the solution. It could be a link to the API code for example, or some instructions.>

Sample code 1

Sample code 2

Related Information

<This is for links to related information internal or external to the guidelines and to areas of the 2.1 guidelines that your best practice extends. Provide as direct links as possible.>

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