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Folder Structure

The following section provides the Eclipse standard for folder names and structure for storing and implementing graphics in your plugin. Once your graphics are ready for implementation they should be cut and saved into the folder naming and structure system described below. This system is based on the Eclipse plug-in folder naming and structure. When you compress your files for delivery using this system, they can be easily uncompressed directly into the intended plugin.

  1. The name of the first level folder depends on where the plugin resides:
  • Eclipse Project components use the org.eclipse.componentname.ui convention for plugin names.
  • Eclipse Tools components use the org.eclipse.subprojectname.componentname.ui convention for plugin names.
  • IBM components use the com.ibm.etools.componentname.ui convention for plugin names.
Substitute the name of the plugin, for example "debugger", for "componentname", and the name of the subproject, such as "wst" for "subprojectname".
To read more about plugin names in Eclipse, see the Eclipse Platform Naming Conventions help page.
  1. Each plugin that contains user interface graphics requires an icons folder.
  1. Within the icons folder, there are separate folders with names that indicate the state, type, and in some cases size, of the icons within, as described below:
  • The first letter of Toolbar and Local toolbar folder names indicates the icon state. Use the letter d for disabled, or e for enabled.

  • The next 3 to 8 letters signify the icon type: diagram (dgm), local toolbar (lcl), toolbar (tool), model object (obj), object overlay (ovr), palette (pal), pointer (point), product (prod), progress indicator (progress), view and perspective (view), and wizard banner (wizban).
  • The last two digits of the folder name are intended to indicate the size of the icons within. However, only a small number of folders show size in the name. These names will persist, but all folder types may now contain multiple sizes of images, such as 16 x 16 and 24 x 24 pixel versions of palette icons. The <a href="naming.html">Naming Conventions</a> subsection addresses file naming for multiple sizes within one folder.

</li> </ol>

The following image shows a complete folder structure for a plug-in:

<img src="../images/imp_folderstruct.gif" width="773" height="661" alt="Image showing the folder names for different graphic types" border="0" />


1. For some legacy plug-ins, inside the icons folder, there is a folder called "full", which then contains these icon type folders. Find out from your development contact if this extra folder is required.

2. We recommend that you do not use the dnd folder name as it used by development for drag and drop elements. These are cursor mask icons for moving views within the application.