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Mik Kersten, Dave Mitropoulos-Rundus, Raji Akella, Kimberley Peter, Neil Hauge, Susan Yeshin

Community outreach

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Discussion about how to advertise the existence of this group and the work that is going on.

  • Kimberley to send out a draft top 10 list of good and bad UI.

Discussion about resources

Discussion of conversion

add note to the talk page and link to youyr sandbox, send email to uibpwg

Plan for M7

Discussion of screenshots

Not bigger than 1024 use xp silver no desktop stuff

plan for m7

  • Conversion of 2.1
  • Finish the current work
  • Top 10 good things and top 10 bad things

To dos

  • top 10 list
  • various contributors will do conversions

Next call

Tod will give a UI walk through of Platform.