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=== The Toolkit-Specific Module ===
=== The Toolkit-Specific Module ===
== Development ==

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UFaceKit is a project providing an high-level, widget toolkit independent UI-API ranging from SWT over GWT to potentially Android.

The project can currently be split into 2 main working areas

  • The Core Module
  • The Toolkit-Specific Module

which itself once more split into smaller sub-areas


UFaceKit works on different levels using a layered setup first and fore most UFaceKit needs to have an Eclipse-Databinding for Widget and Model-Technologies it wants to use. Some of them are provided by other projects (SWT-Observable, EMF-Observables) and UFaceKit reuses them. For other technologies it provides the implementation as part of the UFaceKit project.

UFaceKit Overview 1.png

On top of this enabling bits UFaceKit provides higherlevel APIs for easier use

UFaceKit Overview 2.png

and built-in support for advanced features like:

  • declarative styleing (e.g. using CSS)
  • declarative ui definition using Ecore
  • automatic decoration support
  • ...

The Modules

The Core Module

The Toolkit-Specific Module


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