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Development on the Usage Data Collector (UDC) has been suspended. The UDC is no longer included any Eclipse packages. The UDC server no longer accepts uploads (though it does let the client installs believe that uploads have completed successfully so that any data cached locally will be properly cleaned up). Thank you for your interest in the UDC.

The Usage Data Collector (UDC) collects information about how individuals are using the Eclipse platform. This information is periodically uploaded to servers hosted by The Eclipse Foundation. The intent is to use this data to help committers and organizations better understand how developers are using Eclipse.

More information:

Turn off the Usage Data Collection

The Usage Data Collection can be disabled in the preferences. This is a per-workspace setting. Due to a bug Eclipse may ask you about Usage Data Collection every few days even if it's disabled. To permanently turn off all Usage Data Collection delete all files named "org.eclipse.epp.usagedata.*" from the "plugins" directory, located in your Eclipse installation directory.

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