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Tycho Messages Explained

This page explains errors and warnings reported by Tycho. It shall help Tycho users to diagnose and resolve build problems, or to report bugs in Tycho.

Error Messages

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Warning Messages

[WARNING] Mirror tool: "Problems resolving provisioning plan."...

This message may be shown by the tycho-p2-repository-plugin (in version 0.13 or later) when an eclipse-repository module includes a feature patch. Feature patches allow to replace plug-ins contained in a feature with different versions of the plug-ins, so a target platform containing a feature and a corresponding feature patch has only the new versions of the plug-ins. The p2 mirror tool, which is used by the tycho-p2-repository-plugin, mirrors from the resolved target platform, but it is not aware of the semantics of feature patches. Therefore it also tries to mirror the original versions of the plug-ins, and issues a warning when it fails to do so.

In case the warning only reports unsatisfied dependencies to the original versions of plug-ins replaced through a feature patch, it can be safely ignored. All other cases probably indicate an internal error in Tycho and should be reported.

[WARNING] packaging type eclipse-application is deprecated, use eclipse-repository instead....

This message is shown by the tycho-packaging-plugin (in version 0.15.0 or later) when packaging type eclipse-application is used. eclipse-application does not produce p2-enabled products and is no longer maintained. Use eclipse-repository instead.

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